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Currently the Ambilight4PC website is being modernised and expanded. The new layout is already in place and a new forum has been installed. Due to too much pollution of the old forum the new forum is started from scratch.

Actions which will take place in the next weeks:

  • Renew the current reviews of Ambilight systems (latest software, new review protocol, new video's)
  • Expand the number of systems reviewed on this website (e.g. Amblone, ARFX, Adalight)

If you know an interesting Ambilight system or are a manufacturer/seller of such a system, feel free to contact me through the contact form on the website. You can also leave a post on the new forum so people can discuss the system.

Added video's to Philips AmbX and Momolight section
Written by Jeric   
Monday, 29 October 2007 00:00

Added several video's (through YouTube) to the Philips AmbX and Momolight sections.

The video's show the different lighting effects of the ambilight for PC systems while playing a DVD trailer (Lord of the Rings) and during a game demo (Crysis). Also a video while cycling the colors of the two systems has been added. This shows the colors the two systems can generate!

Later this week I will add more information regarding the A.R.E. and the Atmolight system. Also the forum will be filled with data!

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