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Currently the Ambilight4PC website is being modernised and expanded. The new layout is already in place and a new forum has been installed. Due to too much pollution of the old forum the new forum is started from scratch.

Actions which will take place in the next weeks:

  • Renew the current reviews of Ambilight systems (latest software, new review protocol, new video's)
  • Expand the number of systems reviewed on this website (e.g. Amblone, ARFX, Adalight)

If you know an interesting Ambilight system or are a manufacturer/seller of such a system, feel free to contact me through the contact form on the website. You can also leave a post on the new forum so people can discuss the system.

Added enabling ambilight with Windows Media Player
Written by Jeric   
Thursday, 01 November 2007 14:53

Today I added a method which enables the Ambilight effect (both for Momolight and Philips AmbX system) with video playback (DVD, avi, divx, etc) using Windows Media Player Classic (WMP Classic). Listed below is the method for the Philips AmbX system. For Momolight the method is similar but requires less steps.

Windows Media Player (WMP) Classic: Start WMP Classic, go to view and select options. In the options menu go to playback and select output. In the output screen select under DirectShow Video VMR9 (renderless)**! Now restart WMP Classic and open a video (either DVD, avi, divx or something else). The Philips AmbX Application Manager will give a popup in the right corner of your screen saying a new application has been identified. Go to the Application Manager and enable WMP Classic! Again restart WMP Classic and open a video file, the Philips AmbX lights should now light up with every played video!

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